Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dormeyer Toaster

By now you should all be familiar with my toaster obsession.  I've tried to scale back my collecting of these to odd or interesting and the "just so cheap I can't pass it up" variety.  This 1950's Dormeyer toaster I found a couple weeks ago met all three categories.

 The model number on this toaster is 6303 and was produced in 1962. 

Nothing more American than the toaster.  Well, maybe a toaster with the American flag reflected in it.

I call this one "Reflections of my Porch".  Sorry, shooting outside is about the only way to capture chrome appliances without them looking dark.

The test...

Success!  This is actually the 2nd set of toast I made.  I had set the darkness knob set midway and it burned the toast.  I ended up having to put it down to 1/4 setting toward the light side.

Apple butter, my toast topping choice of Fall.

The A.F. Dormeyer appliance company began in Chicago in the 1920's. For a while it was a competitor of Sunbeam and in addition to kitchen appliances, it also produced electric tools such as drills and circular and table saws. Dormeyer was bought out by the Webcor company in the 1960's.  The president of Webcor was Titus Haffa (not Hoffa) who had alleged ties to the Mafia including "Bugs" Moran.  The company folded only a few years after Webcor bought them out.

More information on the Dormeyer company here.


  1. Wow - that is awesome. Great looking and it works. I never known anyone who collected toasters.

  2. NEIGHBOR:"Abner! Abner! Now that weirdo hoarder across the street is taking pictures of a toaster on his porch! We never should have left Morning Glory Circle!"

    1. Oh, my neighbors have seen far weirder from me...


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