Sunday, December 22, 2019

Alpine Village Electrified Ginger House

I've long been a fan of the kitschy plastic 70's Christmas decorations.  Of course, they were what I knew in my formative Christmas years.  They were all over the Woolworth's I shopped at every Christmas.  This plastic Alpine Ginger Bread house is a great example of how Christmas decorations began changing in the '70's from the traditional paper and cardboard houses (Putz) into the more (then) modern plastic versions. I've had this one for years, a dollar find at a long ago garage sale.

Once considered tacky and cheap, I believe these pieces along with other Hong Kong produced plastic ornaments are finally getting their due respect in the collector's market.


  1. Beautiful piece! I'd have it out each and every Christmastime!

    1. Thanks, Joe. I haven't put it out in a number of years, but think I'll start again. I have a church that goes with it from the same company. Maybe I'll blog that next year. :)


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