Friday, April 2, 2021


It's time once again to dye and decorate the unborn children of our fowl feathered friends. Yes, I'm talking about Easter.

Tired of those cheap Paas tablets that turn your fingers all the colors of the rainbow?  Then might I suggest "The Decoregger" (as seen on TV! the '70's)

This thing reminds me of a 3-dimensional Spirograph.

After placing your chosen cackle fruit in the holder, you rotate the Decoregger and toggle the pen mount to create geometric patterns.  I don't think I would have completed many (if any) eggs using this thing.  As a child, I barely had the patience to apply those stickers that came with the Paas kits.  I was too busy spinning those pop-out cardboard discs that were on the back of the box that you poked toothpicks through and spun.  But look at how much fun this family is having.  LOOK AT THEM!

"Cat. No. 100".  Something tells me Spearhead Marketing started their product catalog numbering system with 100.

Walmart still sells The Decoregger (sorry, out of stock) but it appears there was a hostile takeover by Dudley at some point.

There's also a high-tech version of it called The EggBot if you're willing to drop $200.

However you decorate your eggs (and even if you don't), have a Happy Easter, if you celebrate. And if you don't celebrate, just enjoy the weekend and maybe eat some candy or eggs. But not together.  Seriously. Gross.

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  1. i am almost 100% sure i had one of these. while it's not RONCO™, it's legit fun, at least on a scale of decorating eggs goes.


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