Friday, June 4, 2021


I found these colorful aluminum stirrers at an estate sale for a dollar. With a decorative leaf for the bowl end of the spoon, I they must be for iced tea rather than alcohol. And just in time for summer!

My next thought was they would go great with my Colorama aluminum cups.  You probably remember these from your parents' or grandparents' homes (if you're old enough).

My grandmother had these and water never tasted so cold out of any other cup.

I assumed the stirrers were part of the Colorama line as well, but looking through various ads, I couldn't find them.

Ultimately, it took a post to the Atomic Living: Midcentury Modern Facebook group to identify these as "Tallstirs" made by the Ray J. Walther Company of Des Moines, Iowa.  I can't believe Colorama didn't think of these first.

There were also sets with coasters; something else Colorama missed out on.

I haven't had a chance to use these yet, but the next opportunity I have to drink some iced tea and sit on our porch, I'll be sure to break them in.


  1. wow, these are fantastic. i have a couple of the Colorama tumbers (but they don't have the cool lip on them like yours do!), and let me just say from experience with this colored aluminum stuff, never ever EVER put it in the dishwasher. you will be very sad, trust me.

    1. Yeah, these are the only I've ever found with that wide lip. Yeah, I can imagine the number a dishwasher would do on them.

  2. Your Tallstirs seem to match the Colorama colors.

    1. I tried. I wish I had a red cup to go with the stirrer.


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