Monday, August 9, 2010

I Hates Those Meeses to Pieces!

I saw this leaning up against another table at a garage sale off of Kerth Road in St. Louis County. There was no price on it. I asked the seller (an older lady) how much and she said $1. Sold. It has the original legs, but what's odd is it doesn't fold up in typical tray table style. You have to take the tray off, fold the legs, and reattach the tray. Another interesting observation is it lists Quick Draw McGraw on the bottom of the tray, along with Huckleberry Hound and Yogi. Quick Draw is nowhere to be seen. Not even his alter ego El Kabong. However, Mr. Jinx and his antagonists, Pixie and Dixie are there. "I hates those meeses to pieces!"
I set it next to our couch in the living room (my wife just loves me) and use it to hold my coffee cup in the evening. Of course, it folds up nicely when we have dignified company. Are you dignified? Come for a visit and find out!


  1. is it quickdraw in some sort of archer alter-ego? if not, then who's the archer?

    that is really in fantastic shape, and for only a buck?? SCORE.

  2. >Frank said...
    >is it quickdraw in some sort of archer alter->ego? if not, then who's the archer?

    I'll give you a hint: "Oh my Darlin', Oh my Darlin', Oh my Darlin' Clementine..."


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