Saturday, August 28, 2010

It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Actually, it was a bright and sunny morning when I left for garage saling today. The horrible 2-month heat wave has broken (although it hinted at it again this afternoon). It was in the 60's when I headed out.

As previously detailed, I came across a stash of 50's pulp detective novels at a garage sale today. I've never been a mystery fan (unless you count Scooby Doo), but I do love the covers and titles of these books.

There was Ellery Queen:

Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason:

Leslie Charteris' The Saint:

And Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:

While it doesn't qualify as a mystery, the cover alone is worth it-- Arthur C. Clarke's Sands of Mars:
Unfortunately, I didn't come across any Robert O. Saber novels. Robert O. Saber is the pen name of Milton K. Ozaki, the father of a good friend of mine and a follower of this blog. (Hi Frank!)


  1. hey there! oooh, i get name checked and everything. i'm so honored! these are really great finds. i LOVE the "sands of mars" cover!


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