Saturday, September 25, 2010

C'mon Get Happy!

Today was another annual subdivision sale I like to attend. An older neighborhood near MacKenzie and Heege Road in Affton (or maybe it's Marlborough). I came away with some pretty cool items which I'll be profiling in the following days.

At one of the sales was a stack of record albums. Going through it, I noticed a Partridge Family record. I never really watched the show, I was a Brady Bunch fan. I always thought of those two shows having a Beatles/Rolling Stones rivalry. Or Munsters/Addams Family, if you wish.

Anyway, I flipped the album over just to see what was on it and found stuck inside the original plastic cover was a letter bearing a local television stations call letters, "KTVI Channel 2".

Reading the letter, I saw that it was a congratulatory letter from Johnnie Walters for the consolation prize for Dialing for Dollars.

I vaguely recall the show. It was during the afternoon movie on Channel 2. Basically, they would announce a number and the amount of the current prize, then draw a random phone number and dial it. If you knew the "count and the amount" you won the amount. Apparently, this person knew neither the count, nor the amount.

Doing some research about the show, I found that it was spoofed on SCTV with Harold Ramis playing "Moe Green", and though it was a syndicated show, apparently the parody was actually based on Johnnie Walters and the St. Louis show:

Besides this album, I came away with about 7 others along with what was holding all of the records:

Finally, a place to hold my albums. Unfortunately, this will only hold about a tenth of them...

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