Monday, September 6, 2010

Halloween Comes Early

It's Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of Summer. Something consistent I've noticed over the years about garage sales at this time of the year; it's generally the only time I find Halloween-related items. This weekend was no exception. I picked these up at various sales on Saturday.

Empire Plastics Lighted pumpkin on hay shock - 1967. I have one of these almost identical to this one, except the pumpkin is atop a black cat. That was also a garage sale find. I'll profile it in an upcoming post. I love the vintage blown plastic Halloween displays. I bought this one from an elderly lady (exactly 75, it was her birthday.) She said she was getting too old to put out her decorations. I told her I'd put them out for her.

Here's a pair of flashlights. Not too old I don't believe, but still cool.

A classic pumpkin candy carrier. I have several, but this is a larger version -- guaranteed to hold lots of Trick or Treating booty this year.

And finally, a couple of masks. These were sold at Walgreens a few seasons ago. They were originally only 99 cents. I picked these up for a dime a piece. Soft foam face mask reminiscent of the old Ben Cooper masks. Classic Frankenstein and Skull face.


  1. Man what a great score!!! I have been on lookout for some of the small blow molds and have no luck at all. Congrats! I got a few masks from walgreens last year on sale but they're the rubber kind and not hard plastic. I love your Frankenstein mask!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Holli, glad you enjoyed. Good luck on your search!


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