Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upwardly Mobile

I bought a stack of old Jack and Jill kids magazines for $2 from an estate sale over the summer.  I thought I would share the October 1955 issue.

There's something disturbing about the horse's butt that reminds me of the movie The Human Centipede. Warning, do not google if you're squeamish. I myself have not seen this movie.  I know of  its existence and that's enough to give me the creeps.

It was originally delivered to Mary Lee Landolt at 1521 Pine Tree Lane in Webster Groves, Missouri.  Mary's home at 1521 Pine Tree Lane (or 1429 Pine Tree Lane as labeled by Google.  Who knows...crazy Google.)

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There actually isn't a whole lot of Halloween content in the magazine, however, it does have this cool cut-out sheet to make your own homemade Halloween mobile.  I've left the scan in high res to allow for detailed printing on cardstock.  Enjoy!

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