Monday, October 29, 2012

Houston, The Can Opener has Landed

At the same sale I picked up the starburst clock from my previous post, I found another Mid-century piece.  Though this one was a little more utilitarian, you can't deny those space-age stylings.  It looks for all the world (or is that moon?) like a lunar lander.

I was familiar with both the literal Swing-a-way can opener that mounts on the wall and swings, well, out of the way as well as the hand-held variety, two of which I have in my kitchen drawer right now -- all bought from garage sales, mind you.  But I wasn't aware of this electric version.  In addition to a can opener, it boasts a knife sharpener.  For a can opener, it's a pretty good knife sharpener.  Cans on the other hand, it seems to have an issue with.  While all the parts appear to be working in harmony with one another, it just wants to drop the can and give up.  Oh well.  When you get this kind of styling, who's going to argue about function?

Swing-a-way Corporation is a St. Louis-based company that was founded in the 1930's and is still in business today.   They are one of the few remaining companies that still manufactures their product here in the United States.  Coincidentally enough, they were in fact the first can opener in space, selected by NASA for use on Skylab.

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  1. i didn't realize that swing-a-way was a st. louis company! the resemblance to a lunar lander is undeniable, but i find it weird that it even HAS legs from a functionality standpoint. seems like the can would be held too high off the surface.


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