Monday, October 29, 2012

Uncanny Finds -- Oh Ohhh It's Magik!

Friday morning, after having hit the sale where I found the previously-blogged clock and can opener, and after having stopped at the Southwest Diner for a little breakfast (actually, it was a huge breakfast), my friend and I headed over to another estate sale in Webster Groves on Catalpa.  We parked about a block away (as it turned out, unneccessarily since there was an open spot across the street).  As I was approaching the house, still on the sidewalk, I stepped on its edge not realizing how high above the ground it was.  I twisted my ankle, attempted futilely to catch myself, and then took what we like to call in our family "a dirty fall".  I hit the sidewalk and rolled.  Surpisingly, I only hurt my pride, as they say.

The sale was for the estate of a dentist who actually operated (no pun intended) out of his basement.  My friend managed to score a $20 box lot of artificial teeth which as it turns out also held a jar of....ACTUAL HUMAN TEETH!!! (Queue Psycho music).   A little too much on the creepy side for me, I focused on some old cans on a shelf.  I had to have this one for $2.

I'm not sure they choose the right stereotype when they picked their mascot.  His turban and robe don't really strike me as Japanese.   In fact, he kind of reminds me of the Marvel villain The Mandarin, particularly with the rings and electric bolts eminating from his hands.  They couldn't spell "Magic" either, so I'll give them a little slack.  Perhaps too many paint fumes.  St. Louis Paint Manufacturing is still in business today.

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  1. i'm with you: teeth, no -- this can, a must-have.

    obviously made back when "the far east" covered a lot of territory. sultans, turbans, afghanistan, india, china, japan - what's the difference?


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