Monday, June 24, 2013

What was on TV June 24th through 30th, 1979

I know what you're saying, "Two posts in one day?!  Has Tom gone mad?"  No, I just have the day off and I'm trying to make up for the past 2 months.

Today's afternoon installment brings a slight change for "What was on TV".  Typically, I profile a TV Guide.  This time, I present the June 24-30, 1979 Television magazine from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Gracing the cover is Barney Miller himself, Hal Linden.

Some forgotten shows.  Probably for the best.

Sunday was the red-headed step-brother to Saturday programming;  Sunday morning cartoons paled in comparison to Saturday's.  But this mattered little to me since I was in church most of the morning, not to mention my father took possession of the TV at 11:00 to watch Wrestling.  But the afternoon programming on Channel 11 or 30 generally had something to offer.

"What a Year 78" was hosted by Melissa Sue Anderson, Mary Ingalls of Little House on the Prarie.  I just finished reading the autobiography of Alison Arngrim who played Nellie Oleson.  She said the only person she never got along with on the set despite her best efforts was Melissa Sue.  Probably not a big surprise.  Oh, and plastic slip covers?  I always laughed at them until I had kids.

Of all the local ads I recall from my childhood, "Creepy guy wearing a house" still stands out.

They quote "Citation" because it would never receive any.

This was one of the "very special" episodes of WKRP.  Mr. Carlson talks to a little girl over the phone and guides her to hiding in a closet during a tornado, only to lose the connection.  Later, Andy is blown into a wall as a window in the office gives way to the wind.  He survives with minor cuts and bad acting.

Only in 1979 could you say adding bars to your home's windows beautified it.  And when's the last time you heard the word "rathskeller"?

For you Walton's fans out there (and you know who you are), an interview with Judy "Mary-Ellen" Norton.

Which brings us to the day of the week we all waited for: Saturday

I don't recall Fonzie ever riding a moped.  "We Sell Puch."  Good luck with that.

Remember those bars on windows?  Oh yeah, fires...  This ad assumes you haven't succumbed to smoke inhalation and are able to activate the foot pedal to allow 19th century fireman in to save you.

"You want it? I got it!"  Larry's other catchphrase was, "What's the story, Larry?"

Bonnie & Clyde (not the owners' real names) assure you X-Rated tapes are indeed available.

Running a close second to  "Creepy guy wearing a house" was "Giant man hovering over house, preparing to crush it."

Don't forget to join me next time.  Probably not the same Bat-time, but definitely the same Bat-channel.


  1. more random thoughts:

    1) plastic slip covers = still a bad idea. who are you saving the furniture for? antique resellers in 40 years? might as well enjoy the furniture while you are around for it.

    2) who could forget the paul williams show? eeeek

    3) in all the homes i've been in, i've never seen one with those foot pedal window bar things. seems like such a terrible idea.

    4) barney miller = still awesome TV.

  2. 1) You ever had a kid throw up on your sofa?
    2) Apparently, I did. I don't recall that. I do remember him appearing on The Muppets, though.
    3) Yeah, real bad idea.
    4) I never watched Barney Miller, but I did meet Steve Landesberg when I was in high school.

  3. well, in light of your example, i can concede that plastic slipcovers might be worthwhile until kids are old enough to know how to spew away from the couch. but after that....


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