Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hey Bing!

I bought this record at an estate sale today.  It was $1 and I think you'll agree it was worth every penny (or at least most of them).

As you might guess, "Hey Jude/Hey Bing" features Bing Crosby's cover of The Beatles' "Hey Jude".  It's actually not too terrible of a cover, although Bing goes into a little Drummer Boy "pom pom pom pom" during the "Na, na, na, na" part.  I wonder if he had a Shatner moment: "I don't say 'Na', I say 'Pom.'  And of course, Bing's crooning is smoother and more laid back than Paul's raspy take on the song.  The record was still sealed, so it was in excellent condition, although it strangely didn't have an inner sleeve.



  1. man, i love me some b-b-b-bing, but man, this is awful.

    1. Oh, it's not that buh buh buh bad.

    2. well, i couldn't finish it. once he started "pum-pum-pumming", i had to bail on it. sorry, i think it's truly atrocious, haha.


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