Saturday, January 25, 2014

What was on TV January 27th through February 2nd, 1979

This week's TV Guide features a Richard Amsel cover of Katherine Hepburn.

Richard Amsel painted over 40 covers for TV Guide, more than any other artist.  He passed away in 1985 at the crazy young age of 38.

Creep out and touch someone.

Get out now!  The call is coming from inside your house!!!

The model on the "Ms" cover may be sporting history's very first "tramp stamp".

Released in 1955, "Abbott & Costello Meet the Keystone Kops (yes, with a "K") was close to the end of their career together.  They would split up in 1957 and Lou would pass away in 1959.

Gabe Kaplan may have showed how entertaining a museum can be, but did he show how entertaining he could be?  This was part of "The CBS Festival of Lively Arts for Young People" series.  I couldn't find any clips of it.

I've never seen "The Sentinel", but it looks like a good starring line-up.  I ususally tried to catch scary movies like this when they were on TV, but somehow I missed this one. Here's the trailer.

I haven't watched "Baffled" with Leonard Nimoy, but if you're so inclined:

Dirk Benedict looks like he's not sure he should be firing that laser gun. Either that or he's thrown off by the floating head of Fred Astaire. Who wouldn't be?

Yeah, baby.

I don't recall Salvage-1.  Sounds like it had everything I'd be interested in: Space, Rockets, Andy Griffith and a Giant Man-ape! Let's give it a watch:

Good Sports, Bad Hair.

I always loved the Halloween episodes of TV shows.  For some reason, Eight is Enough decided to broadcast it in January.

"Viva Knievel" was a 1977 film starring the man himself.  From the opening scene as described by Wikipedia, I think you get the idea: "The film opens with Knievel sneaking into an orphanage late at night to deliver presents: Evel Knievel action figures. One of the boys casts away his crutches, telling Knievel that if he could walk after his crashes, then he (the boy) can, too."

I met Evel about 10 years ago at an autograph signing shortly before his death.  I've been a big fan of his since I was a kid and acknowledge he was a pretty big jerk in real life, but you have to admit, the guy had some pretty big cojones.

On the perkiness scale of 1 to 10, Barb registers about a 16.

"Makin' It" was a failed sitcom from Gary Marshall and starring a pre-"An American Werewolf in London" David Naughton.  It focused on an ice cream parlor (!) worker by day, disco dancer by night.  It made the mistake of premiering at the end of the disco era and lasted only 9 shows.

"Turnabout" looks like the traditional switched bodies storyline.  With the traditional results.

Hello, Larry.  Goodbye, Funny.

And that concludes another week of television.  See you next time.


  1. Love them, yet again. Not sure what the "2 Swings" thing means in a couple of the ads. Odd. Love the synopsis write ups for some of the shows and in their first runs! Just a treasure.

    1. Channel 2 was our ABC affiliate at the time. I guess "2 swings" was to imply they were hip although "swing" in that sense as an expression was already dated by 1979.

    2. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, they missed the boat, for sure.

  2. TV Guide the way it was meant to be read

  3. Loved the St. Louis listings

    1. You're welcome, Ronbo. Glad you enjoyed.


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