Friday, February 12, 2016

What was on TV February 7th through 13th, 1981

I'm running a little behind on my posts, so I'm going to throw this week's TV Guide out at you with a little help from friend John for the commentary and quips.

I'm not sure what's up with the tape over the address label. I haven't seen it used on any other issues so far. Maybe an attempt to eliminate the mailing wrapper, but still protect the label from moisture? Ruined a perfectly good Jane Seymour picture though. But don't worry, there are plenty inside.

I told you there'd be plenty of Jane Seymour photos in this one.

Dick York's stunt double approves of the new Pall Mall Lights!

Some of those sofas remind me of the "dazzle" camoflauge scheme navy ships used in WW1 and WW2.

Sadly, cigarette knuckles did not prove as damaging as the brass variety.

Something tells me that vitamin loss was one of the last thing on a heavy drinker's mind.

Hey, Doreene, NBC didn't have to work too hard to avoid applause based interruptions at the Mitch Miller Special, if you know what I mean.

I think "Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff" is one of the earliest instances of a spoiler.  I also believe that's a re-used pose from "Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein" and some of their other horror-themed movies.

Jerry Reed's thigh is only two dimensional and his sidekick Geoffrey Scott doesn't have a pelvis.

So Charles Schulz can't get a name drop in the Project Peacock ad? 

And another Jane Seymour picture.

I like to imagine that Hooper actually jumped out of a helicopter while wearing a tux in order to land on a horse drawn wagon.

Richard Dawson was in perv heaven that week.

Yes, if you're over 30, you're too old to have a baby.  Your body is shot, old woman.  Check yourself into a nursing home.

Falahey's girl friend is pregnant.  I hope she's not over 30.

I was hoping for some sort of rock and roll related pun from NBC. Oh well...

And another.

What is on the end of that E that Roy Clark is sitting on? 

Flo is the Great American Informer?  She'll hang for that!

"A gorgeous fashion model who's (are you ready) 12?"  I wasn't ready.  CREEEEEEPYYYYY!!!!

Something tells me that "Watermelon Man" is all kinds of wrong.

"She's about to learn the shocking secret her mother is hiding!"  Like that he mother married a shrunken apple head in a turtleneck?

Do you think ABC was pushing "East of Eden"?  Just a little?

It's a little disconcerting to see smiling and caring Sally Struthers and wild-eyed, gun-toting Sally Struthers with just one page of separation.

That little girl has the right idea. Quincy looks like the kind of guy who would keep a billfold in his suit jacket pocket.

That's a little misleading there, ABC.  It was the ONLY new night of the week.

Again with the spoilers! Thanks "Captains and the Kings"!

The Brady Brides.  What happens next?  I'll tell you.  It lasted 10 episodes and was cancelled.

Is that an Inspector Clouseau picture in the add for "The Magic Christian?" Didn't Channel 11 learn their lesson from the Jerry Lewis mixup from a prior issue?

I've said it before.  They probably shouldn't have named "Dietac" so closely to what it could cause -- a heart attack.

Everyone does need a little comfort, especially when they are wearing those polyester atrocities.

Those wet jeans are going to start chafing.


  1. hey, you missed that Melissa Manchester was going to be on the muppets, singing her... hits? plural? not sure i could name more than one!

    i really really want a grilled cheese sandwich now.

    how did i not know that james michener wrote a book about kent state? also, what's the big mystery about it, anyway? it's on film, and it's pretty clear what happened: the state national guard gunned down unarmed students.

    i love jane seymour, but man, they were definitely pushing that East of Eden in this issue. i've never seen that. i'm sure the scene where she breaks "God's Law" of the sabbath and not worshipping false idols is just SHOCKING, i tell you.

    cigarette ads always look really weird to me now.

    1. >hey, you missed that Melissa Manchester
      To be honest, I don't think I could name one Melissa Manchester hit.

    2. i had to look up the exact title, but "You Should Hear How She Talks About You" is definitely one:

      and if not that, then DEFINITELY: "Don't Cry Out Loud": schmaltz then, schmaltz forever!

      and, thanks, youtube! i didn't know until now that she also did the theme from Ice Castles:

  2. These feel like they're from a different universe now, even though I certainly did once reside in that universe. So much schmaltz on TV, but they got away with it because there weren't 1,000 channels.

    1. >So much schmaltz on TV
      I like to call early '80's TV gloriously bad. Even with all the channels we get these days, I think I could still get by with 5 or less.

  3. By 1995, Sally Struthers would stop doing advertisements for Christian Children's Fund, because she found out that the money wasn't actually going to help feed, house, or clothe children that needed it; it wasn't until Zola Levitt, the current spokesperson for Christian Children's Fund came along and put his foot down that the money finally started going where it was supposed to go.

    1. Interesting, Eric. Thanks for that info!


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