Thursday, February 25, 2016

To Serve and Protect

Printed in 1977, this Hallmark publication introduces children to the roles police officers play in our lives.  Let's take a look.

By the way, that's an AMX "Dirt Buster" bicycle (complete with banana seat and "sissy bar") on the cover. Someone on the BMX Museum forum found one rusted in his backyard and restored it here.

 Sweet Tron effects.

"Have you ever spoken to a police officer?  Have you seen him drive by your home in his patrol car?" Is your father home?  Do you know where he is? Don't tell him we were looking for him.

 "Are you sure sticking my thumb in the back of his head will stop the bleeding?"

"No ma'am, this isn't a ticket for the accident.  It's a fashion citation for the outfit you're wearing."

Ma'am, you left you left your children at the grocery store again.  If it happens one more time, I'm going to have to cite you.

The woman standing by looks like she's deeply disappointed she isn't the one inflicting pain on this guy.

"If he works where many people speak a foreign language, he will learn enough phrases so he can talk with them and be their friend." Like, "What's up, homes?", "Say what?!" and "Right on!"

Apparently, for female officers, you have your choice of skirt or slacks.  For men, you have the option of street clothes and giant afro.  Sideburns are *NOT* optional.

 This looks like pretty much every episode of CHiPs.

 It's a shame his lab coat covers his polyester leopard print shirt.

"What are these other finger prints along the edge, Frank?" 
"Sorry, Ed, that's me. Donut for breakfast."

 The only time the police came to my school was when there was a drug bust.

 These things never got filled out.

If it's the same people, Tina Hacker now writes poetry and Rick Lyons is a DJ/Photographer.


  1. You always find the coolest stuff!

    1. Thanks Bob. Glad someone else appreciates these things like I do!


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