Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Girl and Her Figure

Printed in 1956, this booklet will do it's best to make you self-conscious about your appearance.  Too fat?  Too thin?  Think you're just right? Oh, I don't think so...  Guess again, Tubby.

What do you see when you dream of the girl you want to be?  Remember, your figure advertises you! Are the fellas buyin' what you're sellin'?

Look.  You inherit your body build from your ancestors, so it's not your fault you're a mess.  But we can do something about it!

Remember: Leave your health in the hands of poorly paid school personnel.  They'll tell you if you're a freak or not.

"The sun is our source of energy.  We cannot create or destroy energy.  We can only change its form and the place where it is available."  Man, when did this book go all "egghead" on us?!

A quart of milk a day?!  No wonder you're packing it on, sister!

Is your family not eating right? Well, maybe you can make up that quart of milk a day with your allowance. You didn't need those skates anyway.

 "Every normal girl needs exercise."  You abnormal girls, just skip it.

And now some real-life testimonies from Joan, Frances and Carolyn.  I'm sure they're legitimate.

Heretofore, we've focused on you "chubbsy-ubbsies" out there.  Let's set our sites on "String Bean" here.

And finally, here's a Daily Diary which you can use to track your food intake.  We're only giving you 2 days worth.  You're on your own after that.

Remember, girls, no matter how comfortable you are with your physique, there's always room for improvement.  Go ahead.  Obsess about it.  You'll thank us in the long run...and so will your therapist.


  1. That diary entry form tho!! Refrigerator Raid or Partying? Munching things? Oh, man that's groovy!

  2. I am still waiting for the bulges to stretch into curves.


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