Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oklahoma's Turner and Will Rogers Turnpikes

The Turner and Will Rogers turnpikes in Oklahoma are the states oldest, opening in 1953 and 1959 respectively.  This map from 1959 highlights some of the benefits, the main being getting through Oklahoma as fast as possible.

Me not think that traditional Native American dress, but me say, "Hubba hubba!"

The Oklahoma Department of transportation wants you in and out of their state as quickly as possible via the most desolate route.  I'm sure that was at odds with the Oklahoma Tourist Department's wishes.

The Interstate Glass House on the Will Rogers Turnpike is still standing, however, it is now operated by McDonald's.

Whether your up for some fish gutting or tripping the light fantastic, the Oklahoma Turnpike can oblige.

  These fellows don't look that inviting.

"I hope that during this have a truly see Oklahoma and enjoy it."  Then get back on the turnpike and move along, mister.

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