Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What was on TV September 19th through 25th, 1964 The Fall Preview

Well, Fall is nearly upon us and you know what that means? Well, it means a lot of things, but as a kid, one of highlights was the new Fall Season on television.  Fasten your seatbelts because we're leaping WAY back to 1964 with this week's edition. The Beatles? Who are they? We want The Munsters! Enjoy.


  1. i definitely do not think i could stand to watch an entire hour of Red Skelton.

  2. WOW Mr. Magoo had his own time slot! That is crazy to think.

  3. UNDERDOG is a cartoon that features a sort of Superdog. Pooch is always donning a "magic" cloak and dashing off to right wrongs.


  4. Am I crazy, or didn't Underdog take a "magic" pill?

  5. "The secret compartment of my ring I fill
    with an Underdog Super Energy Pill."

  6. Yes, Bob, with the success of The Flintstones, networks were trying to ride the wave with more prime time cartoons, kind of like when The Simpsons was a success. Jonny Quest was new and in prime time in 1964 as well. But like the shows that were spawned by The Simpsons, none of the shows had the staying power of The Flintstones.

  7. Loved me some Johnny Quest back in the day!

    1. Me too, though I saw them in reruns in the 70's. I still watch them with my kids today and they enjoy them as well. Timeless. Thanks for stopping by, chblack.


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