Thursday, August 31, 2017

Leftovers Day 31 -- Did I Measure Up?

When I decided to begin this purge of unblogged items a month ago, I had no idea it would last the entire month. And believe it or not, I still have leftovers. But I'll be taking a break from these posts for a while (collective sigh heard across the world). I hope there was something of interest or amusement among them for you. I guess what I'm saying is, I hope I measured up.  HEY! That leads me into my final leftover.  There is so much wrong about this item.

Let's start with there is (or was) a gift shop in Kearney, Missouri dedicated to Jesse James. Presumably, this is from the James Farm.  I'm not opposed to having a museum there.  I get the historical context and all.  But a gift shop?  Secondly, who sells/buys a ruler at a gift shop? That's like the top dullest thing I can think of to buy from a tourist trap. Third; "No One Has Ever Measured Up to Jesse James"? Aside from being a really bad pun (which I'm not opposed to, mind you), are we really setting some kind of goal for kids visiting? Didn't they ever watch that Brady Bunch episode where Jesse James shot all of the Brady's?!

At any rate, I'll be returning to my usual sporadic posts. But look forward to some upcoming vintage TV Guide issues (it's almost time for the new Fall Season). Oh, and to my few commenters, I apologize for the extra hassle of posting comments, but I was being spammed by some idiot ("blogger", I'm talking to you). I also had to remove my "Popular Posts" section since spambots were utilizing that somehow to direct fake traffic to my site throwing off my stats. Ah, the challenges of an obscure blogger never end.

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  1. Yeah Can't Wait for New TV Guide issues from the past including leftovers involving Gridiron Closeups of Who's Who in College Football, #CantWait


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