Monday, March 2, 2020

Obvious Dogs

A friend recently introduced me to the site The author of the site, Jeff Wysaski, creates faux knock-off/import products along with original packaging  such as "Dead Birds" ("They are all died!"), "Sweaty Jeff" ("He has a medical problem!) and possibly my favorite, only because it's true, and hits a little too close to home, "Joyless Careers" ("Sit at a computer for 50 years until you die.").

This package I found last weekend reminded me of an Obvious Plant, but is a legitimate vintage item.  I give you, "Fishman".

Clearly (and maybe even obviously), these are dogs.

Not to mention, I believe the label was intended to say "Fisherman", although I'm not sure what someone would do with a bag of fishermen.  These were perhaps intended to be birthday cake decorations for the fisherman in your life.

I will cut them a little slack, because on the opposite side we find...

A couple things I want to point out about the above image.  First, safety dictates, like scissors, you do not run with guns.  Secondly, the unfortunate positioning of the staple makes it appear the dog has been impaled by a steel rod, perhaps the reason his tongue is sticking out in a death loll.


  1. these are great. talk about a lack of quality control at the toy factory! i didn't even realize they still MADE things like this.

    and that ObviousPlant site is pure gold. i'm adding him to my RSS feed. "Dropped Sandwich - half price"? comedic genius.

    1. >i didn't even realize they still MADE things like this.
      Well, these are probably from the 1970's. Made in Hong Kong.
      >i'm adding him to my RSS feed.

  2. I had dogs like that when I was a kid. I have not seen these for years. Cool.

    1. But did you have any "fishmen"?

    2. Nope - I didn't want to play with fishermen as a child. As an adult, it is a whole different story as his Lordship is a keen fisherman.

  3. This is amazing. Now I want "The Adventures of Fishman and Red Poodle."


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