Monday, December 20, 2021

Angels We Have Heard on High

I've been very lax about publishing any Christmas content this season (I know, big surprise), but I'm off this week, so hopefully I can give you some last minute presents.

Today I'll show you some Christmas angels I've bought over the past year.

Up first is this Timco light-up angel from the 1950's or '60's. It was made in Japan.

It was still in its original box, which was a little worse for wear.

I actually found several of these Timco angels this past year, but they didn't have their boxes.

This same model version:

And this one with a different head sculpt.

Next up is a Angel-Lite by Noma, makers of those C7 light strings we've all seen.

Unfortunately her "Star Wand" was broken off years ago and lost.

The Noma company was located in New York, but apparently there was a manufacturing plant in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Moving into the 1970's and Hong Kong, we have this Angel Tree topper. These were pretty ubiquitous for the times and I've come across many over the years.  They were commonly seen at Woolworth's.  We actually had one of these on our tree growing up. 

She could use a hair stylist.

There were non-lighted versions as well.

And now we find ourselves in the '80's and these angels are being made in China.

These could be a lighted angels (literally), but I don't burn classic Gurley candles.

This bell and angel ornament probably dates from the late 1960's and features a cake topper angel.

A variety of angels.  The small ones are probably from the 1950's.  I'm not sure about the paper cut-out, but it's probably much more recent.  There's also the angel on the small plastic nativity (made in Hong Kong).  I have a collection of those as well, but that's for another post.

I don't know much about this little angel and hadn't seen one until the past few years, now I see them fairly regularly at sales.  Could be '70's to '80's.

These chalkware angels are likely from nativity sets, but I display them by themselves.

And finally, a collection of porcelain angel pieces.  First up is this musical angel made in Japan, 1960's.

An angel flutist (flautist?), again Japan and probably 1960's.

This porcelain angel candle holder also dates from the same era, maybe late '60's.

This orphaned "N" from a set of "NOEL" angels looks surprised to see Santa peeping at her through the window.

And finally, this rather stylized angel ornament by Inarco (International Art Ware Corporation), who were known more for their porcelain figures, probably dates from the late1960's.  


  1. Interesting pieces. Love some of the art of the figurines. My mother had some similar when I was a kid, from Japan. Four of them held candles and spelled out NOEL, and another was two figures in a sled. Loved the look of them, and found a similar style pair myself a couple years back. Sorry for the tangent!

    1. No apologies necessary, Joe. Many of my posts often go off in a tangent and sometimes wonderful memories are found there.

  2. The 'N' angel is also perturbed because her abode has a roof and walls comprised solely of Peanuts paperbacks.

    1. Ha, I knew someone would notice that. Leave it to you, Top Cat. I'd paper my house walls with Peanuts strips any day!

  3. I've never been a fan of the angel iconography for xmas, but that's just me. maybe it's because they tend to be too cutesy. i do love the first two you showcase, though -- they look great lit up. i could see a line of them on a mantle.


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