Saturday, December 11, 2021

Saturday Evening (Christmas Blog) Post

It's been a while since I posted a magazine, but this one had so many great ads and Christmas ones to boot, so here it is.  I picked this magazine up at an estate sale over the summer.  It has a lot of issues, not the least of which is the red ink bled through most of the ads.  But they're still fun to look at.  And of course with the ads come my poor attempt at humor.  Please bear with me.

And so, here it is, from December 8th, 1951, The Saturday Evening Post (ads only).

Cover art by John Falter who did a number of covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

I told her I was serious when I said I would run those jaywalkers down next time.  WHY DIDN'T SHE BELIEVE ME!

"That's lovely, Dear.  But my name isn't 'Peggy'..."
"I know, but 'Margaret' sounds so dowdy..."
"My name isn't 'Margaret' either..."
Cartons of cigarettes and bottles of booze were a ubiquitous gift around the holidays when I was growing up.
I have no idea what this means, but it's an ad for the American Meat Council.  Maybe the meat was bad?
I had one of these at one time.  It was beautiful and worked great...until one side stopped working.  I wish I'd kept it just as an object d'art. ***UPDATE***  I found another.
There was a brief period when I was a kid when my mom bought powdered milk.  I call that period "when my dad was unemployed". It tasted like sour milk.
My dad used Vitalis, and I use it today.  I don't have much hair to control, but what I have, it controls.
Mom's looking awful pompous there.  "Gee, thanks, Mom. I know I asked for a train set, but I'll have almost as much fun typing about trains as I would playing with them..."
In case he doesn't like Fatima, you can get him "Old Gold".  That's the commercial with those cute dancing packs of cigarettes.

"And you're easy on the eyes, Miss Brooks.  Are you doing anything Friday night?"
I'm one of those odd people that actually likes fruit cake.
Santa still pushing the Victorian-era stocking stuffer, the orange.
I have to admit, this Santa pin-up makes me a little uncomfortable.
The drugstore: every desperate man's Christmas Eve last minute shopping destination.
I still have my Dormeyer toaster. Works great.
He needs some way of lighting all those packs of cigarettes he's receiving for Christmas.
I didn't realize these books of Life Savers went this far back.  I'll have a related post later this month.
I have a roaster that looks just like that Westinghouse, but it's a Sears Kenmore model, which probably just means it was made by Westinghouse for Sears.
Wasn't "The Liquidizer" a TV show from the 1980's starring Edward Woodward?
A lifetime of glorious music and never-ending evenings of dad playing those old songs. I want to listen to my Perry Como record, Mom!
Actually, it's 3-in-1.  A steam iron, a dry iron, and a blunt object to hit your husband over the head with for buying it for you for Christmas! I asked for diamond earrings!
"Gee Dad, I know I asked for a train set, but I'll have almost as much fun sawing the legs off your bed while you're sleeping tonight..."
"Hey, kid, give me a break!  Santa's got a LOT of presents to deliver to a LOT of houses in a SINGLE FRICKIN' DAY!  He needs these "Bennies" to keep him going!"
Uh, Mom, if you went through all the embarrassment of waiting alone in line and sitting on Santa's lap, couldn't you think of something better to ask for than a night light? That's worse than a football.
Hey, Ladies.  Tired of looking at all of these Christmas ads filled with snow and cold weather?  Maybe you'd like to hop a Greyhound to warmer weather.  Guys under umbrellas will ogle you in your new swimsuit.  Maybe they're rich too.
"Mr. Clements, the head of legal for GM is on the phone for you."
I had a 3-slot Toastmaster at one time.  I believe I sold it. Hey, I can't keep them all.
That's all for this Saturday Evening.  Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. So much! The art in these is the highlight, love so much of it. That meat ad with the halos - weird that they go out of their way to show the halos aren't real. Would someone have wondered? And my father using Vitalis when I was a kid is why I don't. I shave my head. No muss, no fuss. Great stuff, going to go back and look again.

    1. re: the halos. You're right! I didn't notice that! That is weird. I didn't scan it, but the whole ad was weird. re: the hair: I haven't given up yet. :)

  2. Two observations...

    1. I'm always amazed at how wordy ads were back then. I guess people had an attention span longer than that of a gnat.
    2. I had no idea that some of the first power lawn mowers were just a motor on a push mower design. It makes sense but I never thought of that.

    1. 1. Yes, it was more about content than flash.
      2. I'm sure they were perfectly safe for small children and animals.

  3. Perhaps in that meat ad, the butcher, who is holding a knife is gonna stab the guy - hello and goodbye.


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