Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hot Stuff

I collected comic books from a very young age through my early 20's.  Actually, I just read comics until my early 20's, then I decided I was going to get serious and invest heavily in comics, just like everyone else in the early 90's.  That didn't pan out so well, and I've divested myself of most of my collection.

I've tried to get my kids interested in comics, but haven't had much success.  Seems they just can't compete in the world of internet and video game immersion.

But I still try.  I came across some Harvey Comics at an estate sale this past weekend.  Actually, I came across a *huge* collection of Harvey Comics.  The problem I've found with estate sale companies is they are still living in the 90's when it comes to pricing comics.  The comics were all priced at $2 each, but being the second day were now priced at $1 each.  They probably weren't even worth that. They weren't in great condition, but I did pick out a few to try to entice my kids.

I found that best part of the comics weren't their stories, but the ads.  I would pore over these ads when I was kid, but I never pulled the trigger on ordering anything.  Lucky for me.  As shown in Kirk Demarais' (of the Secret Fun Spot blog) excellent book Mail Order Mysteries, these items looked better on pulp than in person.

Some closeups from the ad:

This looks more like a torture implement than a fan.

I think we all remember this guy

I always wanted one of these records when I was a kid.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I never did order anything from these.  I guess I figured my parents would never go for it.

In don't think controlling bad habits, improving personality, memory or abilities is on this guy's mind.

NO TWO ALIKE...because quality assurance isn't one of our strong points.

Something very creepy about this kid's face

Chris Elliott's short-lived TV show "Get a Life" had a very funny episode featuring this Polaris Nuclear Sub.

I'm not sure what differentiates this as a monster from Outer Space versus your Earth-born variety.  Possibly its vocalization ability?

My oldest brother actually ordered this chameleon.  It was none too happy by the time it arrived.

"I couldn't find a more pleasant way of earning money," says Harry Kevorkian of Michigan.  Not like my Uncle Jack who kills all of those poor old people for a living.

Apparently, the Trick Soap turns you into Hitler I guess?

I love this ad for Collegeville masks.  Sorry, GRIT, I like you too.

Steve and Bob Scout. The ad is eager to point out, they're not actually brothers.

Okay, if you've stuck around this long, I guess you deserve a few of the actual stories.  And I mean "deserve" in the cruel and punishing sense.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Ooh!  A cross-over issue.  And finally proving that Casper is not in fact the spirit of Richie Rich.

I'm not sure why Casper was okay revealing himself in the previous story, but feels he has to stay out of sight in this one.

 Yes, let's leave Richie to his death.  At least he won't get in trouble for missing his boxing lessons.

Of course, this proves those Casper/Richie Rich spirit conspiracy theorists might be onto something.

This guy seems a little eager to deck young Master Rich.

Tee Hee.  No, you won't ever make your boxing instructor think he's slipping again.  Because he's going to train and he's going to train hard.  And the next time you two meet, oh there will be vengeance.  THERE WILL BE VENGEANCE!


  1. I used to love these as a kid. I remember getting them off the metal spinner rack at the corner store some weekends. Harvey Comics and the DC Comics' Superman Family or Batman Family. Loved those. Good memories.

    1. Yeah, today's kids will never know the joy of spinning the comics rack seeing the new issues for the month. Back when my $1 allowance could buy 2 comics and 2 candy bars.


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