Friday, February 21, 2014

What was on TV February 17th through 21st, 1980

Sorry, TV Guide fans, but this week's entry comes from the local St. Louis Post-Dispatch Television insert.  But I think you'll still enjoy.

I never watched "Hot Hero Sandwich" and I barely recall it, but that's too bad because it looks like something I would have enjoyed.  And narrated by Casey Kasem!

Only 3 days to install a wood burning fireplace?  Is it just me or does that seem excessive?

Burt Reynolds doing his best G.I. Joe impersonation.

It looks like the trouble with that coule is a really bad complexion.

Esther Williams passed away in 2013, but they still sell her pools.

Mirrored walls were all the rage in the early 70's.  I thinking they were on their way out by 1980.  Probably why they were having a sale.

I love these Television Letter Boxes. And I'm betting that's the only letter in the history of mankind to begin with "My friend Joe Besser...".  You might remember Joe from such annoying roles as the Curly sustitute with The 3 Stooges ("not so harrrrrrd!") and as "Stinky" ("I'll harrrrm you!") in the Abbott & Costello TV Show.

$929.95 for a VCR.  $929.95 FOR A VCR!!!

The first computer I learned to program on was a TRS-80, the so-called "Trash 80".  I've made a career of it, so it couldn't have been too bad.

From the look on her face, I'm guessing she didn't now Midas did mufflers either.  And props to the marketing person who came up with the Midas Muffler Muffler she's wearing.  Of course, you might call them scarfs, but we always called them mufflers because mom would wrap it around your face so tight, you couldn't breathe and your screams were muffled...maybe that was just in my house.

I'm always tempted to use old coupons that don't have an expiration date or a year.  I have a few more days left to try out that Imo's Pizza coupon.

And that's TV for this week in 1980.


  1. holy crap, i forgot how much VCRs used to cost. and people think computers are expensive now, haha. and props for spotting that TRS-80 ad! i still dream of finding one in a thrift. i wouldn't know what to do with it now, of course, but it would be fun to turn it on and clack away on the keys.

    1. I have one sitting in my basement. Still works too. A co-worker gave it to me a few years ago.

  2. i almost forgot!

    "Esther Williams passed away in 2013, but they still sell her pools."

    "well, the Colonel's been dead for years, and we still eat his chicken..."

    WHERE IS THAT FROM?? i am sure you made that deliberate reference to the line about the colonel, and trying to remember where that line comes from is going to drive me mad, i tell you. MAAAAD

    1. That was a deliberate reference, glad you caught it. It's from "Strange Brew".

    2. doh, of course. how could i forget that!?


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