Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What was on TV February 24th through March 2nd, 1979

Anyone know what that car is?  Doesn't appear to be a Datsun 280Z nor a Mazda Rx-7.  My point is, either way, Sony is a little high on themselves.  Trust me, the kid would rather have the car.

Kitty O'Neill went deaf at 4 months, but still became a race car driver and Hollywood stunt woman.  Stockard Channing starred in her story, "Silent Victory" (see ad later in the post).  Kitty performed some of the stunts in the made-for-tv movie.
I'm pretty sure if you look like that, it's more than just heartburn.

Rob Reiner's giving gang signs and Lou Gosset, Jr. is all like, "Oh no you didn't!"

Trilogy of Terror was the source of an untold number of nightmares for children of the '70's. Everyone remembers the episode shown in the ad which is called "Amelia", but as the television movie title implies, it was actually 3 stories, all featuring Karen Black and written by Richard Matheson, author of "The Incredible Shrinking Man", "I Am Legend", and "Bid Time Return", not to mention a number of classic "Twilight Zone" episodes.

"The Ghost & Mr. Chicken" was my favorite Don Knotts movie, I never missed it and I still watch it at Halloween every year.  Atta boy, Luther!

The Sound of Music was one of those movies that was always watched in our house on an annual basis.  I could never sit through the whole thing.  Maria Von Trapp passed away this past weekend. She was one of the real-life Von Trapp singers.  In the movie, her name was changed to Louisa, presumably to avoid confusion with Julie Andrews' role whose name was also Maria.

Another one of those odd one-off specials featuring challenges between 2 celebrities and featuring such exciting events as Dune Buggy racing, Ping Pong and Rollerskating.

Godzilla Week.  Oh... Yeah...

The rise of Steve Guttenberg

What is with the guy on the far right?  I'm guessing he was the wild and wacky one.  Maybe named "Gonzo".

The girl in Mrs. Columbo looks familiar as a child actor from other shows, but I'm having trouble figuring out who she is.  According to imdb, she might be Lili Haydn, but that doesn't look right.

"Cliffhangers" was a TV show that featured 3 separate storylines, broken into 20 minute ongoing chapters.  It was cancelled after 10 episodes.

When I first saw this ad for this Foto-Roll, there was something oddly familiar about the couple.

It took the sleuthing of a friend to figure it out.

"Scared Straight" is another one of those shows that everybody in my class saw except me.  My mom wouldn't let me watch it.  Maybe if she had, she would have saved me from my life of crime.

"Hulk on rampage, Banner in Car wreck."  My experience with the show makes me think those two events are reversed.

Not quite as creepy as the clown ad, but I know some people have a nun phobia.

This article reminds me, whatever happened to the show "Living with Ed"?  It was a pretty good show featuring Ed Begley Jr. and his long-suffering wife who lived with his quirky and sometimes extreme environmentally-friendly ways.

Well, once again that wraps up another week in TV history.


  1. Ferrari Daytona. Mmmmm

    1. Nice id, Anonymous. I reiterate: the kid definitely would prefer the car.

  2. Oh, this is a great little late 70s TV time capsule! I remember watching Cliffhangers and I liked the Dracula segments. Fun stuff, page after page.

  3. i really liked Cliffhangers. didn't realize it was cancelled. it was funny that every episode really DID end in a cliffhanger. and i always LOVE seeing old BSG ads. people *from* earth -- whoa...

  4. St. Louis. that's the area where the Mouseketeer, Julie Piekarski from Mickey Mouse Club # 2 has been living. 1979 was when the show got cancelled early January that year. some people who preferred Mickey Mouse Club # 1 didn't have to worry about Club # 2 anymore.

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