Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Bird in the

This weekend I attended the estate sale of the home with the log cabin on it that I wrote about here last week.  If you didn't read it (and if you did read it, go back a take another look, I added some more pictures), I had gone to an estate sale next door at this house.

I learned at that sale, a number of properties along there would be demolished and a 60-house subdivision would be going in.  The property next door was an old familiar home I'd driven past many times.

But what I didn't know was a log cabin stood behind it.

I had taken a few pictures for the other post, but this time I had a chance to go inside as it was for sale like everything else on the property.

Inside was pretty plain with a stone fireplace and plastered walls.  Note that my phone doesn't take very good pictures so some of these shots are blurry.

It appeared to have been used mainly for storage for quite some time and the odor of mold was strong.  I knew it had a second floor, but didn't see a staircase.  Then I noticed behind some standing boards a simple panel door flush with the wall.  Nobody was around, so of course I moved the wood and opened it up.  

Shot up the stairs.

When I poked my head up over the stairs, a squirrel ran out through a hole in the wall.  I think he was as surprised to see me as I was to see him.

It was filthy with animal droppings and walnut and hickory nut hulls everywhere.  It smelled pretty awful.

From the inside, you could see there was a lot of termite damage.

I think if you tried to lift and move the cabin, it would fall apart.  The floor was fairly sturdy, I didn't have any concerns walking on it.

The smell was choking me up pretty badly, so I headed back down.

Alas, I couldn't come home with the cabin, but coincidentally, I did find this at the sale.

So if not a log cabin, at least a log cabin birdhouse.  I'll be hanging the house this week and looking for a couple of pioneer birds to take up residence.

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  1. sad that the cabin is in such bad shape, but considering it's probable age, perhaps i should instead be amazed that it's in such *great* shape, huh? maybe you'll get some happy bird homesteaders for your tiny replica, so its memory can live on.


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