Monday, April 21, 2014

Aquaflash Power-Lantern..AWAY!!!!

I found this flashlight, sorry "Waterproof Floating Aquaflash Power-Lantern", at an estate sale this past weekend.

With it's Jonny Quest-esque graphics and suspect quality (made in Hong Kong), I'm sure it was aimed at kids.

Apparently when naming it they tried to fit in as many DC superhero characters as possible (okay, Power Man was Marvel, but you get the idea).

It was still in its original wrapper.

It doesn't work, but it probably just needs batteries.  I tried unsuccessfully to open it.  The face wouldn't budge.  I suspect it was sealed purposely to make it water tight.  Maybe it wasn't intended to have its batteries replaced.

I wonder what it previously said that caused them to apply a new "LANTERN" sticker over it.  


  1. wow, that thing is awesome. i'd be SO tempted to see what's under that sticker.

    1. My guess would be a misspelling of "Lantern". I've seen stickers used to cover spelling errors on other imported toys. Think of the poor underpaid factory worker who had to sit there and put a sticker on all of those flashlights.


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