Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Home Desecration

Generally, I'm a fan of 1960's styles and decor, but some of it is just plain hideous.

I found these home decoration pamphlets in the basement of an estate sale of a mid-century home.  I imagine they were the very ones they used when building their home.

The graphics are great, the decoration ideas aren't.

Naplex, a little too close to Napalm.

Why would the husband of a woman who chose those pants allow her to choose the house paint?

I've never been a fan of pastels.  They belong on Easter eggs only.

"In one magic moment you can select the right color".  And that moment is when you finally decide to pick up another company's paint brochure.

Neighbor Betty attempts to suppress her laughter at the fleur de lis tile.

I do like the idea of the open ended island for storing trays.  But someone explain to that poor woman you don't fry eggs in a casserole dish on the stovetop. Perhaps that frying pan to your left would be better suited.

Care-free if you don't care how your kitchen looks, I guess.

Proving that you can indeed use too much pink.

The office chair in the bathroom never quite caught on.

I would go mad coming home to this kitchen and a wife that blended into the cabinets.

Spicewood, Lavanity, Marbelica?  How many words did these people invent to describe this monstrosity?

If she pours a cafe latte into that cup, he's going to have a tough time finding it.


  1. i don't think i've ever disagreed with you more. firstly, the woman's capri pants in that second illustration are FANTASTIC. and being such a fan of mid-century stuff, i can't believe you don't grok pastels -- they go very well with mid-century.

    i find a lot to like in the various rooms shown here, but i especially love the pink bathroom... but then again, you haven't been to our house. our main bathroom contains original 1930s pink (actually "Dusty Rose") tub, sink, and toilet. when we remodeled the bathroom, we were lucky enough to find small hex tiles in that same shade that we used as accent tiles in the white floor.

    i do agree that the faux-marbled stuff makes me want to hurl, and i've never been a fan of white cabinets with gold accents. too baroque for my tastes.

    i'm surprised that you didn't point out the Dansk Descoware in this pamphlet! it was making me drool... i wish i had more vintage enameled cast-iron -- that stuff is so fantastic to cook with. the copper stuff is pretty amazing, too, but i've never been into collecting it. our french neighbor has an amazing collection that he uses.

    oh, and i think that fleur de lis wallpaper is actually TILE, which really *is* a nightmare. who would tile their entryway in white like that?? talk about constantly cleaning it!

    1. >i don't think i've ever disagreed with you more.
      Well, don't take my comments too seriously. Much of what I say is tongue in cheek and going for an easy joke.
      >the woman's capri pants in that second illustration are FANTASTIC
      Well, I have to admit I actually liked those too, but it made for a good joke.
      > i can't believe you don't grok pastels
      Yeah, I'm not a big fan of pastels as wall color. I guess it's just too soft for me. I like something bolder.
      >but i especially love the pink bathroom
      I like the pink tile, but I've never like the colored bathroom fixtures. Just a little overwhelming to me.
      >oh, and i think that fleur de lis wallpaper is actually TILE
      I wondered that. I couldn't decide which it was.

    2. Okay, looking at the picture again, it's definitely fleur de lis tile. It's a tile brochure for Heaven's sake! How did I miss that?!

    3. yeah, i guess the perils of online text-based humor, huh? : )

      you've been scanning a lot of stuff lately... maybe you just got confused. no worries!


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