Wednesday, June 18, 2014

American Home June, 1964

The June issue of "The American Home" has arrived.  This time, it's 1964.  Enjoy!

Somebody really likes green.

Fruit salad and cottage cheese.  Did anyone ever lose weight on that diet?

Winner of creepiest ad in the magazine.

Thank goodness we were able to wall off those noisy kids.  Apparently, we have Celotex to thank for the end of responsible parenting.

You know that slide is just a sheet of metal.  That kid will receive third degree burns on the next sunny day.

Squeeze left.  Now squeeze right.  Oh god, don't stop squeezing!

It's always good business to advertise your COLOR concrete in a black and white ad.

And we have Party Pull-Up tables to thank for the end of formal dining.

Swim Ezy.  So easy, you'll actually hover above the water.

I'd never heard of Sheila MacRae until I saw her in this ad and another just recently.  Apparently, she took over Audrey Meadows' role as Alice in the 1960's revamp of "The Honeymooners" on "The Jackie Gleason Show".  She passed away this past March.

I've probably mentioned this before, but Lipton onion soup dip always reminds me of holidays growing up.  It was the only time we had it and we never bought store-made onion dip, we always mixed it ourselves.  I still prefer it over the ready-made kind.

The "Thinette" looks pretty hefty.  "Please, honey, let Daddy set this down."  I still remember the day we received an air conditioner unit.  Dad cut a hole in the living room wall and installed it.  We weren't allowed to actually use it, but it was neat (if not cool) to look at.

The article profiles a local St. Louis couple, Don and Shirley Zork.  No mention of where this house is, but here they are in 2011 and here in an undated photo.

"Cluster Zoning".  Who knew the cul-de-sac neighborhood design had a name.

Bask in the glory of the clear gelatinized peas.  BASK IN IT!!!!

I believe "The Secrets of Shimmering Molded Salads" was lost in a fire sometime in the mid '70's. And thank God for that.

Never trust crooked toes.

You won't be a carefree guest later that afternoon if you eat that glop.

Serve when the moon comes up.  It will make it difficult for your guests to see what they're eating.

In an unrelated note, this is Garage Sale Finds' 300th post.  Thanks for reading!

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