Monday, June 23, 2014

What was on TV June 23rd through 29th, 1979

Let's take a trip back in television history once again.  This time, it's 1979 and....Heeeeeeeeerrrrrreeeeee's JOHNNY!

A fresh new slice of apple pie and steaming pile of...  man, 70's cars were ugly.

Not sure who this model is.  I don't think it's Erin Gray.

That headline alone was enough to get the hearts of conspiracy theorists racing.

This is a nice slice of 70's St. Louis store logos.  I think of these, all that's left is Wal-mart, Walgreens, Schnucks, Dierbergs and K-Mart (barely).

Is that 40 pounds of trouble poured into 30 pounds of trouble capacity pants?

Another example of movie replay serendipity. KPLR was showing "The Big Sleep" in the first week of June in 1978 and again 55 weeks later.

"Curse of Bigfoot" was actually a movie from 1963 with additional footage shot for its 1976 release and has nothing to do with bigfoot, but rather an Aztec mummy.  By 1976, mummies were out and Bigfoot was in, so additional footage was shot with 2 of the original actors from 1963 telling the story.  You can watch the full movie on Youtube if you care to.

I recall when NBC tried to recapture the radio days of the 30's and 40's.  Even back then I was into that era and tried to listen.  Unfortunately, if I recall correctly, the episodes they chose weren't very good.

How nice of Skoal to offer some entry level chewing tobacco. For free!  And way to ride on the popularity of the TV show of the same name.

Based on his face, David Jansen might need just a little more warning next time.

Starting with Fonzie Jumping the Garbage Cans in Season 3 of Happy Days (1975), the producers of the show decided it was good for ratings to have Fonzie put himself in harms way.  In 1977 was the infamous jumping the shark episode.  The episode on this Tuesday night, although it was a repeat, was Fonzie Rides the Bull.  Things had gone all country in the United States in the late '70's and riding bulls was in.  If Fonzie had never jumped the shark, the expression for the moment a television show starts going downhill would be "Riding the Bull".

I'm ashamed of my baldness and I refuse to make eye contact. Now that I have a full head of hair, I will meet the camera lens and give it a come hither look.

Everyone knows daises are the international symbol for greater accuracy.

When you look through these old TV Guides, you realize how insecure people were.  Every ad is either a baldness cure or weight loss.  These days men embrace baldness and based on my last trip to Wal-mart, nobody cares too much about weight loss.

This is an odd article. A married couple watches Johnny Carson from the studio audience and pretty much criticizes everything.

Chin kissing?!  In a family magazine?! Scandalous!!!

Our perky model makes another appearance.  A friend pointed out, this wasn't the Mary Lou Retton look.  She was the sweetheart of the 1984 Olympics.  This is the Dorothy Hamill look, the sweetheart of the 1976 Olympics.

I'm a lot like Lou Grant -- I hate spunk.  And oh how I hated Danielle Brisebois on "All in the Family".

Gee, I hate to end the post on such a negative comment, but here we are.  See you next time!


  1. i'm with you. she was horrible. (jumping the shark before jumping the shark became a thing? did this air before fonzie's shark jump?)

    1. Fonzie literally jumped the shark September 20th, 1977. Danielle Brisebois joined All in the Family for the 1978 season. Fonzie beat her to the shark.

    2. I just realized, on Happy Days this week, Fonzie Rode the Bull.


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