Wednesday, July 16, 2014

American Home, Summer 1967

The latest issue of American Home has arrived and this time, it's Summer of 1967.  It was the summer of love, but you wouldn't know it from this issue, unless it was love of wood paneling, vinyl flooring and Jello molds.

If it's in another woman's house, yes.

Is that a big enough pair of pants or what?!

Binge cake eating gives you really bad headaches

Apparently, "the rules" refer to the maximum earlobe capacity.

I like hot dogs as much as the next guy, but why did they insist on taking them places they didn't belong?!

Who can concentrate on their game with all that paneling?!

What the Proud Crowd enjoys

Okay, we get it.  The kid wets the bed a lot.  Do we have to humiliate him with a full-page ad?

"Moo Juice" was a member of the Pillsbury powdered drink mix family that included Funny Face.

That middle jello mold looks like an alien spore.  I wouldn't poke that with a stick.

What will they think of next?  Squeezable containers?!

I'm "Talking Tina" and I don't like this floor.

Refereshes your taste -- in khaki pants.  These two were desperately clinging to their smokes and their early 1960's wardrobe.


  1. i had forgotten that bing crosby shilled for la-z-boy.

    +1 internets for the PW reference. : )

    ice cream bars with cocoa crispies? those sound FANTASTIC.

    i love the groovy chick in the Dash ad. how did anyone manage those earrings??

    i use "555-1212" on mock-ups for client ads all the time. sometimes they never even notice. i even use it on websites when placing orders that demand i enter a phone number. the way i see it, they have all the rest of my contact info... if they are that desperate to call me, they can ask information.

    i called milk "moo juice" literally this morning. i had forgotten it was a real product.

    i have the audio from an old "hollywood squares" promo album, featuring the funniest zingers from some of the stars of the day. the Jell-o one reminds me of one featuring paul lynde: peter marshall says, "paul, in nudist camps, they often advertise that they offer 'the three Rs'. two of them are 'Rest' and 'Relaxation.' what does the third 'R' stand for?" and paul lynde says, "Reddi Whip." **ZING**

    and with that, i'm out.

    1. >+1 internets for the PW reference.
      It was a stretch, but I knew someone would get it (and figured it would be you)
      >how did anyone manage those earrings?
      I don't know. I'll bet her ear lobes were dragging after that.
      >i use "555-1212" on mock-ups for client ads all the time.
      I was surprised to see it was still in use. Who calls information for phone numbers any more?
      >i have the audio from an old "hollywood squares"
      I love watching old games shows from the 70's. I can't believe how risque they are. I used to watch them as a kid all the time and it completely escaped me.


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