Sunday, July 6, 2014

What was on TV July 5th through 11th, 1980

Welcome to this week's TV Guide for 1980.  On our cover this week is the cast of "Little House on the Prairie", if they were poorly rendered, 2-dimensional characters vaguely resembling themselves.

The cover features the blended Ingalls family with the addition of Albert (get out while you still can!  You have no idea what they have in store for you!) and Bandit the dog.

From the reviews, I think the people without HBO were the lucky ones.

I'm not positive, but I believe that's Jenilee "Cindy" Harrison, first replacement of Suzanne Somers on "Three's Company" in the Virginia Slims ad.

Odd that the picture for the boxing event features two white guys when Larry Holmes was black.  In this event, Larry Holmes would win with a TKO In the seventh round.

Lori Jean Lloyd disappeared after leaving a friend's house in 1976.  She has not been found to this day.

From most accounts I've read, including the cast of "Little House on the Prairie", Michael Landon could be a egotistical tyrant to work for.

David Letterman's ill-fated morning show was cancelled after four months, although it won an Emmy posthumously.  It would pave the way for his late night empire that continues to today.

Sorry, I'm a little short on comments for this issue.  Hopefully, I'll be back in the groove for the next issue.


  1. Cool stuff. Always like a small time travel trip. From what I can tell, Lori Jean Lloyd was never found.

    1. That's correct, Joe. Lori Jean Lloyd has not been found. Apparently, there was a rumor some time back that she had, but the case is still open and her parents continue to search for her.


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