Wednesday, July 2, 2014

American Home, Summer 1968

Summer is rapidly approaching the half-way mark.  Enjoy the 1968 Summer edition of American Home.  Maybe it will give you some ideas for the remainder of Summer.

How did 31-year-old Mrs. Garey pass as a 19-year-old?  She didn't.  They were just too polite to say anything.

No comment.

Again, no comment.

I swear, I'm not making these up.

Twice as bad as the 7-year-itch?  Who knew instant potatoes were the cure.

Nice of GE to throw in a free vertigo-inducing fashion tote bag.

I know it's a little weird, but I like to look people up I find in old magazines.  Sadly, Larry Green passed away in 2012 from Parkinson's.  His wife (whose name is actually G.G., not Gigi) has her own interior design company in California.

Beef Broth on the Rocks?  NO, CAMPBELL'S!  NOOOOO!!!!

Looks like the Benadryl worked, honey.

Jimmy, you sit on that hearth and think about what you did.

"Problem" perspiration?  Are there other categories of perspiration?

My grandmother used to keep a bottle of Sucaryl in her pantry.  I would sneak in there and drink it straight.

The American Dairy Association would like to have a word with you.

Pop-tarts and ice cream?  I like the way you think, Kellogg's.

As opposed to humble pie?

 Wait a minute.  The bag turns into an apron?!  Where do I get one?!

Swift.  As in swift heart attack.

This guy doesn't so much scare me as creep me out.

At first I thought they were playing against a bunch of nurses.  I wonder who won...

Not so much swimming as floating helplessly.

This reminds me of the Lego houses I used to build.

I'll leave you with this last image of cartoon bugs dying in agony.  But hey, enjoy the rest of your summer!


  1. ok, let's do this:

    1) who knew that all it took for me to get a plumper, uh... bananas... was to encase 'em in a plastic bag?

    2) Micrin, Marlite, Fabulon, Sucaryl... no wonder all those things didn't last. the names are so sterile and unappealing.

    3) those tote bags are to die for. i'm certain they would sell even today.

    4) that snug two-person home looks like it came out of Sunset Magazine today. i love it... that place is 1000 sq. ft.?? mind blowing. that's smaller than our 1600 sq. ft. bungalow. i'm sad to read the handsome guy in the article died of parkinson's. ooohhh, he was an art director -- so very Mad Men! and they asked that donations be made in his memory to the Michael J. Fox parkinson's fund. very nice.

    5) *sexy* perspiration. that is all.

    6) pop tarts and ice cream?? mind blown. why didn't i think of that?

    7) bart: dad, my heart hurts...
    homer: son, in this house we BUTTER our bacon, and that's final!

    8) that bug killer looks dangerous to humans.

  2. Great stuff! Mrs. Garvey is 31? I would have pegged her closer to 40.


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