Friday, May 29, 2015

A Gorey Holiday

I bought this May 1962 issue of Holiday magazine at an estate sale a few months ago.

I was surprised to find an early Edward Gorey piece inside.  I was first introduced to Edward Gorey through the opening animation to PBS's "Mystery" series.

Some years ago at a garage sale, I rediscovered Gorey in the illustrations of a series of children's books by John Bellairs.

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Back to the story in Holiday magazine.  It's called "The Imprudent Excursion" and is, of course, a little odd. Enjoy.

There's a blog devoted to Holiday Magazine that did a much better job of scanning these panels than I did, so if you'd like a closer look, check it out.

And now for the ads.

Hertz Rent A Car
Love this picture.  Leaving the big city for the open road.

Arnel After Six

Inertol Ramuc Enamel

Wheel Horse
That guy on Wheel Horse riding lawn mower seems awful smug.  I'll bet his neighbor there wanted to punch him...a lot.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Moore-McCormack Lines

Matson South Seas Cruise

Rubbermaid Kar Rugs

"Kar rugs"? "Kompact"?  "Krestliner"?  Kan't these people spell?

Kodak Kodachrome II film
Mama don't take my Kodachrome away.

Motorola TV

Miller High Life

Quality Courts
This picture reminds me of the long road trips we would take as a kid and the late nights spent searching for a motel my mother didn't find "depressing" (her code word for a "no-tell" motel. Always looked at the license plates in the lot.  If they were the same state, we didn't stay there.)  Yes, everything about that picture reminds me of the long road trips we would take as a kid.  Everything except the smiles.

Minolta 16E

Wamsutta Sheets
Winner of creepiest ad in the magazine.  Hey lady.  What Elizabeth wants, Elizabeth gets.

Honeywell Pentax
That kind of reminds me of The Mach 5.  It's a Porsche 718 also known as an "RSK". I wonder if the steering had special buttons on it.  By the way, I just learned those Mach 5 buttons actually stood for something.

Bell Telephone System

British West Indian Airways

Noilly Prat Vermouth

The Snells' Paradise Ranch is still around.  They have a Facebook page.

Dr. Scholl's Foot Powder

Homko Lawn Mowers

Monroe Super Load-Leveler

Photo Lab, Inc.

Portrait Craft personal Oil Portrait Kit

Indian City, USA

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