Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fun in the Idaho Panhandle

Another find at the travel brochure house was this 1960 tourist guide to Couer d'Alene, Idaho.  There are so many good ads, I ended up scanning almost the entire thing.  I would love to patronize any of these places, and after doing some research, if I were in Idaho, it looks like a could.  Surprisingly, a lot of the buildings if not the businesses still survive.

Louie's In-n_out, famous for Paul Bunyan Burgers.

Google says it still exists, but I'll be darned if I can find it on Street View.

***UPDATE*** Alert reader Gary found Louie's In-n-out on Street View.  According to Gary, it's now simply called Paul Bunyan's Burgers.  It looks like the sign has been replaced with a plain painted wooden one.

Northview Plaza

Northview Plaza today

"A typical scene on Coeur d'Alena lake".  I question that.

Fred's Diner.  "We Cater To Family Trade!"

Fred's Diner today, now Jimmy's Cafe.

Round Top Cafe, Proprietor Harry Youngman.  Take my Chark-el steak...please.

You just know that flashbulb blinked.

A list of local eats.

The Happy Hour Club

The Lariat Club

Blue Note Lounge.  Much better than the Brown Note Lounge.

Happy Homer

Marie's Cafe

Boots & Saddle Cafe &  Lounge.  "Dance to our Band!"

The Goody Shop

The Goody Shop today, now New Renaissance.

Oscar's Regina Bar

Regina's Bar today

I would love to buy clothes at a place called a "toggery".

Tastee-Freez, immortalized in John Mellencamp's song "Jack and Diane" in which "Jacky" sat outside one suckin' on a chili dog.

Duncan's Garden Spot

Hayden Lake Hardware

Van's Froz-O-Log

Torchie's Drive-in

Royalanes, St. Maries, Idaho

Not only is Squaw Bay Store & Resort still around, it surprisingly has kept the same name.

Jack's Bar Plummer, Idaho

Ohadi Drive-in Theatre

Eagle Cafe and Recreation

Don's Drive-in and Car Service

Courtesy of

Connie's Cafe or Diner, depending on which sign you believe (Parking in Rear)  

Connie's Cafe today. Glad to see the sign is still there.

Miner's Hat Drive-in today

Osburn Club today

Sweets Motel, Cafe and Lounge today



    Love your blog! Here is the Louis' In 'n' Out, but I think it's now just known as Paul Bunyan Burgers. - Gary Greer

    1. Thanks, Gary and thanks for the link! I'll add it to the post.


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