Sunday, May 17, 2015

It Might Happen to You!

I found this among some papers I picked up as a lot at an estate sale today for $1.  It falls into the category of "why the heck did anyone save this?"  It's a flyer for an insurance company, Federal Life Insurance Company of Chicago, from 1936.  And not only did they save the flyer, they saved the envelope it came in and the return order form.

The cover reminded me of that travel agency poster in "The Truman Show".

 I love the double payment for special accidents including while riding an elevator, railway car or steam vessel, not to mention a burning building or stroke of lightning.  $333 seems like an odd dollar amount for the loss of an eye.

The warnings of unavoidable doom continue on the back.  No matter what you do, eventually death's scythe will hack you to pieces.

 It was delivered to 4042 Connecticut Street here in St. Louis.  The house still stands.  It's the one with the ornate railings.

The Federal Life Insurance Company is still in business, despite Irene not falling for their scare tactics.


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