Monday, August 3, 2015


A logical follow up to "What to Do Now", "Facts about Fallout Protection" is  written from the premise that the "big one" has been what?  Originally printed in 1958, this is a 1961 reprint. Note the green cannot penetrate your basement.  You'll be living there for the next 30 years. Good thing you put in that shuffleboard.

Fallout or termites?  It's hard to tell.

"It is called fallout and continues to give off radioactivity until it decays."  That's a 30-year half-life to you and me, kids.

Ah, CONELRAD (Control of Electromagnetic Radiation).  You ever wonder what those triangles are on cold war era AM radios?  They ain't decoration!

As I was reading this page, it struck me I've never seen anything in the basements of all the homes I've gone to for estate sales that resembled any type of shelter.  I think most people realized how silly the premise of staying in your basement or the center of you home until someone came by and knocked on your door giving the "all clear" was.  Oh, and if you did build a shelter, remember: don't let the neighbors in.  Their screams will end soon.


  1. really love the design of these, and the clever use of 2-color to illustrate the horrifying doom of radioactivity! and hey, i learned something, too: i had no idea what those triangles on old radio dials were about.

    1. Well, if I can impart a little humor and a little education, my day's work is done.


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