Thursday, August 13, 2015

McCall's August, 1956

I apologize for the lack of posts this month, but an illness has seriously sidelined me and probably will for the coming month.  But to hold you over, here's the August 1956 issue of McCall's and hopefully, I'll be back in full force soon.

If you live to be older than 73, you're on your own, kid.

That's right ladies, if you're stout, remember, vertical lines have a thinning effect.

"Ask Eleanor"

I would have also accepted, "Mommy! Hurry home! There's a strange man in the house and I'm all alone!"

 You know fellas, I know it's hard enough looking cool on a Cushman scooter, but those clothes sure aren't helping.

Suggested daily menu for the lady watching her figure:

The pipe, the ascot, the jaunty stance.  Why do I keep hearing Charles Nelson Reilly's famous "Hunh, hunh, HUNH!" when I look at this picture?


  1. illness?? hope everything is ok!

    - if that woman is stout, i'll eat my hat.
    - those scooters are awesome.
    - i was going to add up the general calorie count of that woman's day, but decided not to.
    - i think that dude is wanting a beer for his aching back!
    - i had forgotten all about "unguentine"!
    - so surprising that a cake company named for camels didn't survive!

    1. >illness?? hope everything is ok!
      I'm okay now, but a long road to recovery. Short story, intestinal ventriculitis. A month of draining and antibiotic regimen. It's taken the wind out of my sails.
      >those scooters are awesome.
      Well, you have to admit they are below Vespas and Lambrettas on the coolness scale.
      > i was going to add up the general calorie count of that woman's day, but decided not to.
      Wise choice.
      >i had forgotten all about "unguentine"!
      I've never heard of it

    2. tom, that sounds AWFUL! i'm glad to hear you're on the mend. keep me posted, you hear?

      nothing beats a vespa, for sure.

      i think my grandmother used Unguentine. it's one of those older all-purpose topicals, like Neosporin.

    3. PS - you'll also be thrilled to know you're the top google hit for "intestinal ventriculitis", haha

    4. Well, I'll earn those hits falsely. I spelled it wrong, which isn't surprising since I can't even say it right. Diverticulitis is what I have, but what's in a name. It makes it no better!

  2. I'm sure the butter alone is 2,000 calories!

    1. Not the mention the egg nog and 4 cookies!

  3. AND, she spikes every glass of milk she drinks with cream or half and half! i'm a big fan of using real butter, milk, and cream, but i also don't get to have doughnuts as a mid-morning snack, cake with lunch, ice cream as an afternoon snack, and MORE ice cream (or pie) for dessert.

  4. "if that woman is stout, i'll eat her hat" ? what comic or author are you quoting?


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