Monday, August 31, 2015

Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories

With titles such as "Sticking Pins into Billy", "Always Tell Mother", "Little Miss Grumbletone" and "From Crybaby to Helper Boy",  Uncle Arthur's is chock full of fuel for your child's many years of psychotherapy to come.  I've copied some of my favorite lines below.

Peter lived in the very poorest part of a great city.  He was an orphan, his mother and father having died when he was very young.  Now he was in charge of a woman who used to go to the saloons and get drunk.
Then one day Peter met with an accident.  Crossing a road, he tripped over a dog, and before he could get up an automobile ran over his leg.
As she went on, the wail became clearer and clearer, until at last, peering through some bushes she discovered Rover lying on the ground with his front paw caught in a steel trap!

When her plate was put in front of her, she would mumble under her breath, "Oh, this horrid dinner again!"
Ken sprang to his feet, and rushed out into the hall.  There at the bottom of the stairs lay a little white form.  Poor little baby brother had fallen down the whole fifteen steps from top to bottom.
So they prayed that when Frankie should grow up he might have a real boat and be a missionary to the poor heathen boys of the South Sea Islands.

Good night, sleep tight!

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