Monday, September 21, 2015

Dr. Gaymont's Yogourt

I can't resist buying these recipe flyers when I see them...and I see them frequently.  It always amazes me how people hang on to these their whole life.  I came across a fairly sizable cache this weekend, so prepare yourself to be bored stiff entertained with this and upcoming posts.

Dr. Stephen Gaymont (yes, that's his real name) was a Hungarian-born bacteriologist (yes, that's a real profession) introduced yogurt (or yogourt as he liked to call it) to the United States in the 1940's.  He is also credited with inventing frozen yogurt which he called "Fro-gurt"!  Okay, I made up the Fro-gurt part.

I'm uncomfortable with the use of  the term "quickie" here.

"If you know what's 'Good' for you...then you'll try wonderful DR. GAYMONT'S YOGOURT..."  Are you threatening me, Dr. Gaymont?

Hey, kids, just white out that expiration date and take to your local grocer! Loads of laughs!  And don't forget to leave a note for Mr. Milkman.


  1. Wow - amazing how long it took yogurt to catch "on". A yogurt "quickie' could be fun.

  2. ok, the onion dip and the "hollywood dip" (??) sound fine, but that borscht and the "mary on the rocks"? WHAT SORT OF WRETCHED PERSON WOULD SERVE THOSE??

    "drink up, helen! it's yogourt!"


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