Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lloyd's Portable Phonograph

I found this Lloyd's portable phonograph at a garage sale back in June.  It's a model PH-41 from 1965. I meant to blog about it much sooner since to me it brings to mind thoughts of Summer and taking your favorite stacks of vinyl to the beach or camping.  With October and the great Countdown to Halloween beginning tomorrow , this is a last ditch effort to throw it out there for your review and approval.

I recall Lloyd's being the discount brand of choice in our home growing up.  I believe they were sold by department stores such as K-Mart.

This phonograph measures 11 1/4" x 7" x 1".  The center knob unscrews to remove the lid.

 The speed setting is adjusted by sliding the blue spool between positions.  The 45 adapter is stored on the battery compartment lid.  The phonograph runs on 4 D batteries.

 The record is spun by the wheel that protrudes above the tone arm.

 The blue switch on the left turns off the phonograph when the tone arm is rested on it.  Power and volume are controlled by the same switch seen on the right.

Sound is as expected but acceptable from such a small speaker.

Here's a crude demonstration of it.  I apologize for the poor lighting and also for starting the song after the opening.  It was hard to film and operate at the same time.

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  1. i wonder how long 4 D batteries would take to run out. would it even get you through an afternoon at the beach? i think i had a Lloyds turntable, but i'm not sure. it was definitely a budget brand, available through k-mart, or possibly even sears.


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