Friday, September 4, 2015

Reader's Digest Ads Condensed, September 1969

Continuing with a new feature I like to call "Reader's Digest Ads Condensed".  Really just an excuse to scan more old ads.  This time from September of 1969.  It was the Age of Aquarius and the age of atrocious recipes courtesy of Cambell's Soups.  Believe me, there ain't nothing "digestive" above them. Enjoy.

 I'm glad they clarified it was "his" mind.  For a moment, I thought she was daydreaming about him doing a Glamour Shots session.

 Imagine that coming at ya.  Yikes.

 Is using the wrong freezing wrap costing you money?  IS IT?!!!

My sister and I used to put slices of butter (actually, margarine) in our tomato soup.  We thought that that was gourmet. I don't know about popcorn or cheeze curls though.

 From the article, "Those Fabulous Italian Designers".

 One of these dealers hates that hippie crap.  Can you guess which one?

Sorry, hopelessly retarded individuals.  We're locking you away.

Look at his eyes.  Her BO has angered him.  ANGERED!

More angry onlookers.  I'm not sure how his heartburn has angered them.

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