Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Christmas Story

This companion piece to the Halloween Fun in Story is called "A Christmas Story", but no one gets their eye shot out in this one.

 They announce Santa Claus here, just in case you don't recognize him in his street clothes.

Remember that: "Boys and Girls".  "BOYS AND GIRLS!"  It comes up later.

A cruel Santa sets out to destroy the hopes and dreams of woodland creatures.  But hey, silly rabbit, toys are for BOYS AND GIRLS!  I'd like to note Santa's outfit here.  Clearly, this is no Haddon Sundblom Santa Claus.  This Santa wears khakis!

Really, these animals have emotions.  They speak. They cry.  They use hankies. Is their fur and tails all that separate us here?

Hmmmm.  Who could these nuts and carrots be for?

Oh Santa.  You old softy.

Santa rests.  Once again, a peaceful coexistence of man and animal is forged...for now.


  1. i feel bad that Mrs. Santa doesn't even get enough respect to have her own name. but aside from that, shouldn't it be Mrs. CLAUS?

    and that poor girl woke up to wild animals running around on her bed!

    i do love that the animals use hankies. so civilized!

    1. >shouldn't it be Mrs. CLAUS?
      Santa could never get used to it. Mrs. Claus was his mother.

    2. i will herewith start referring to your wife as "Mrs. Tom." i look forward to hearing how she feels about this subject, haha. : D

  2. Those are some form fitting leggings Santa is wearing on page 108.

    1. Do you think he asked Mrs. Santa, "Do these make my butt look big?"


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