Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pack O Fun

How much fun can you pack into a Pack O Fun Scrap-Craft magazine?   Well, let's find out.

First off, you can tell by their pictures the editors know fun.

String art is a craft begging for a resurgence.

The Santa at the top left looks like he's posing for a Playgirl centerfold.

Who chews that much gum?!

I have all of the "Merry Pipe Cleaners" albums.  Their 1971 Christmas album featuring a cover of "Feliz Navidad" was phenomenal.

1 comment:

  1. Pack O Fun is (was) an amazing magazine. I looked through a lot of them. You can tell that the editors and contributors were in it just for the pure joy of the hobby. This wasn't a big money-making exercise. They were interested in doing just what they said -- making fun out of scraps and stuff around the house. .... I will note, though, that they had quite few odd and even creepy covers over the years -- puppets and witches and clowns and such.


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