Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pictures 1965

I present you the "Pitcures" section of the December 12th, 1965 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Enjoy.

 Hey Kraft, you can serve it with caviar all day long, but it's still macaroni and cheese.

 I dont' know if it was a St. Louis thing, but our department stores all had "basement" budget stores in the lower level of the department store where discontinued items and overage was sold.

 Egg Nog with flaming apples?  Sign me up!

These look pretty comfy.  I want one.

"Expect Flattery..."  I see what you did there, Sears.  Thank you for the ellipsis to allow me time to get it.

 This must be just prior to their "Noëlco" ad campaign.

The "Budgetbuster" must do your bank account what the "Noid" does to your pizzas.

His anger is sublime

The "model" reminds me of Joan from "Mad Men".

That and, oh yeah, childbirth.

I've seen these sofas at estate sales. The sad thing is, the foam inside them turns into a hard, crumbly brick.

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