Thursday, March 3, 2016

Toast Coasters

Say you're at a swanky party and it's the 1960's.  Someone cries, "A toast!" and everyone looks at you. You're half blitzed, so you know you couldn't possibly assemble your own toast beyond "Over the lips and through the gums..." So.  Who you gonna call?


You look down at the coaster under your drink, and you're saved! Sure, a lot of the them are sexist, but hey, it's the '60's, baby!

Some of these don't make sense to me. Maybe someone can shed some light. For example, the top left above. The Hollywood reference might infer the line should be "a house with seven Grables" referring to Betty. This would also imply these coasters might even be from the 1940's or 50's.

Some of these have clearly seen some use. At first I thought a "grass widow" might be a woman whose husband spends all his time playing golf, but it's actually "a woman whose husband is away often or for a prolonged period."

Miles Kimball started out as a personalized Christmas card printer in 1934 and expanded into a catalog store offering a wide variety of products. They are still in business.


  1. youch, some of these are SO sexist. i've been binge-watching M*A*S*H on netflix lately, starting at S1E1, and while it's largely enjoyable, the casual racism and sexism makes me wince now, even though i loved that show as a kid. some of the humor in these would play well as lines from that show.

  2. I wonder what happened to the guys who actually dared to use these toasts....


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