Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Last Straw and Glad of It!

Ah, who am I kidding.  I can't resist vintage packaging, so I'm sure these aren't the last straws I'll end up bringing home.

First up is this Carnival King Size package of 100 straws from 1963.  Note to estate sale dealers: Don't write directly on the packaging.  Seriously, what is wrong with you?!

Featuring a not-at-all-scary clown...oh, I'm kidding myself again. He's terrifying.

These are those waxed paper straws that always ended up disintegrating into tiny bits of paper in your soda that you inevitably ended up spitting out.

With one box top and a one dollar, you could order a pack of "200 colorful straws with 100 assorted bright plastic construct-o-straw joiners or connectors" for some Tinkertoy style building fun.

Up next is this box of Glad flexible straws.  These probably date from the mid 60's to early 70's.

 "Waterproof...won't get soggy".  Take that clown straws!

True story about flexible straws.  I remember eating in my elementary school cafeteria watching a kid drink with one of these and being baffled.  How did he get his straw to flex and crinkle like that?  I spent a hour bending and folding  my own regular straw thinking I could get mine to do the same thing.  I should mention we didn't have money for such frivolities so I'd never seen anything like it.  I should also mention, I wasn't too bright.


  1. Yes flexible straw were all the rage and I remember being jealous of the kids who had them.

  2. Flexible straws were cool, yes. But remember the Crazy Straws (or was is Silly Straws) fad of the 1980s? Those hard-plastic straws that went in 10 different loops. I always wanted one of those as a kid and, as an adult, I have to idea why.

    1. I do recall the Crazy/Silly Straw rage and thought they were pretty cool at the time as well.


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