Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What was on TV April 24th through 30th, 1971

After a fairly long hiatus, "What was on TV" returns with this April 1971 issue.  As opposed to my normal TV Guide postings, rather than scanning just choice pages, this is the entire issue.  Also, this is just before my prime TV viewing years began, so not a lot I can relate to, but enjoy nonetheless.

"Celebrity Bowling" lasted 8 seasons and was revived a couple times, once in 1987 and again in 2009.  The record for the lowest score is held by the team of Charles Nelson Reilly and Robert "LeBeau" Clary with a 66.

An indepth examination of Paul Henning's television successes with a Jack Davis cover featuring Henning's most popular creation, our favorite hillbillies.

That's right, ladies, cut calories with Sweet 'N Low and you can put away your black belt. "New and Improved without Cyclamates!"  A now controversial 1970 study of sodium cyclamate concluded it caused cancer in laboratory rats.  In the 1980's, it was determined to not be a carcinogenic, however, it remains banned in the United States.  Write your local congressman and demand cyclamate.  I'm kidding.  I hate sugar substitutes.  So don't write them.  Or do.  I don't care.

 Note to Instant Meat Tenderizer companies: your product may be excellent, but if your name is "Adolph's" all we're thinking is Hitler.  Consider a name change.

"Spider-man" had moved to late afternoons by the time I was in school and I watched it every day.  It was a direct influence on the creation of this.

 Chuck Steak tonight, der Führer?

 I believe that's Cybill Shepherd in the Lady Clairol ad.

 All that white wallpaper, curtains and carpeting looks like they're being sucked into some kind of 1970's vacuum.

 Who wears short shorts?  Apparently, Leslie Ann Warren.

 If these are reruns, I can tell you they aren't any funnier the second time around.

 Imagine how disappointed she was to learn it was an insurance policy and not an engagement ring.

That concludes our episode.  Tune in next time.

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  1. coincidentally, i went bowling last weekend. it's kind of a new thing i'm into. it started with an impromptu (ok, booze-fueled) round of frames while we were in vegas a couple months ago for a wedding. before that, i hadn't bowled since college -- and now i'm wondering why i ever stopped. we had a great time!

    also, i think you can still buy Adolph's meat tenderizer, so they must be doing something right.


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