Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Munch Bunch at Home

Somehow, I ended up with this coloring book.  Okay, it was tucked between a Masters of the Universe coloring book and a Funtime Busy Book, but that's beside the point.  This thing looked so bad, I almost threw it out. But then I started thumbing through it and found some of the most wth moments ever found in a coloring book.  Each page is a standalone vignette with no context of what happened before or what happens next.  Who would buy this for their kid?  And what kid would color it?  From 1984, I give you "The Munch Bunch At Home Coloring Book".  The "At Home" implies this was no standalone publication, it was a series. The madness...

 What kid doesn't want to color a scene of doing laundry...

...or walking into a bank vault?


"Scruff Gooseberry has taken Suzie Celery's hot-water bottle."  And then?  C'mon, what happens next?!

"Pedro Orange is leaving in a hurry."  What exactly happened?  We'll never know for sure, but it couldn't have been good.  Perhaps he's sneaking out of the house with Emma Apple's lamp shade.

 Someone either presented this to their mother upside down or was really impressed with this scene.

Lizzie Leek doesn't appear to be disturbed at all by the fact that Professor Peabody's body is literally splitting open and his guts are spilling out.

"Scruff Goosberry wonders what Dick Turnip is up to."  So do we.

I can honestly say, working on the back of the tea kettle has never come up in all my years as a homeowner. Neither has a dancing, maraca-playing banana.

A little late on the warning there, Casper Carrot.  I'm not sure if "Supercool" is falling out of the tree here or he slipped on one of the Banana Bunch.  Either way, it looks like there'll be plenty of relish for everyone.

"What is Scruff Gooseberry doing with this hot-water bottle?"  Um... Holding it?  Am I missing something here?

Supercool appears to be super dumb.  He's totally going to nail those boards to his thighs (or possibly his groin).

Sure, Spud's ball ruined Sally Strawberry's painting, but clearly his most abhorrent offense is a complete violation of the law of physics by throwing a 90 degree curve ball.

Dick Turnip is going to straight-up murder Eddie Eggplant.  Wow.  Just Wow. Thanks, Munch Bunch, for reviving my childhood fear of turnips.


  1. come on: "Barnabus Beet" has got to be the best name ever. totally surprised that this coloring book ends with MURDER, though!

    1. >totally surprised that this coloring book ends with MURDER, though!
      Honestly, it's the only way it could end. THEY WERE EVIL VEGETABLES!

  2. Awesome. I think Dick Turnip is supposed to be a pun on Dick Turpin, the 18th-century English highwayman. Those pages make more sense if you get that...But this is a coloring book for kids....

    1. Alec, a friend of mine told me that today as well. I'd never heard of Dick Turpin, but makes complete sense and is actually pretty clever. But you're right, how many people much less kids got that?!

  3. That is one bizarre coloring book!

  4. You might want to be sitting down for this revelation .... People in the 1980s did a lot of drugs.

    1. Perhaps that's what made them the Munch Bunch.

  5. Did someone say banana with maracas?Peanut butter Jelly time, Peanut butter Jelly time...

  6. Hehe...that book is a bit random!

    I used to love the Munch Bunch as a kid! In the UK there was a series of books, an animated TV show and a selection of yogurts based on the characters! The yoghurts are still going today, but have different character designs... here's some further bits 'n' bobs for you to look at!


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